Call for Linked Research

Sarven Capadisli

Call for Linked Research

SWIB 2015, Research, Hamburg, 2015-11-24 #LinkedData #SWIB15 #LinkedResearch #OpenScience

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University of Bonn

All media are extensions of some human faculty – psychic or physical – McLuhan

Control yourself & use the native Web stack!

How cool is scholarly communication?

  • (c. 1450) Printing press [2D]
  • (c. 1989) Web [Hypermedia]

Strictly visual, linear, non-interactive, and anti-social.

Electronic documents imitating paper!

Web of interconnected ideas

User Experience Problem

PDF/Word/E-Books are Paper User Interfaces.

.. data-silos. Do not play well with the Web!

Inadequate for Universal Access to research knowledge.

Discovery and Reuse Problem

How can we query the atomic parts of research results?

Identify research gaps? Forecast new fields?

Which funding opportunities are applicable?

Social paradigm shift is 25-50 years behind technical

Proposed Solution

Fix the UX and maximize value from research output:

Use the Web stack for maximum openness, accessibility and flexibility.

Call for #LinkedResearch

  1. URI Ownership
  2. Linked Data
  3. Knowledge Acquisition
  4. User Experience
  5. Announce
  6. Open Feedback
  7. Motivate

Self-publish & self-archive at a Web space you control & trust

Linked Data

Any resource of significance should be given a URIAxiom 0a: Universality 2, Tim Berners-Lee

Adopt the #LinkedData design principles.

e.g., hypotheses, concepts, arguments, workflows, results, evaluations, provenance, citations.

Knowledge Acquisition

Human + Machine:

  • +1 Discoverability
  • +1 Comparability
  • +1 Reproducibility
  • +1 Reusability

User Experience

In the spirit of science!

  • Offer different layers to view
  • Design interactive UIs

+1 Research Communication and Education

e.g: HTML+RDFa + CSS (screen, print LNCS,ACM) + JavaScript + SVG + (WebID+ACL)

Linked Statistical Data Sparkline

The GDP of Canada claimed by the World Bank Linked Dataspace is on the rise despite the market crash in 2008.

Linked Statistical Data Cube Designer



For human and machine discovery.

+1 Creating Awareness

For positive and negative research results.

Open Feedback

Let everyone participate:

  • Digital citizens
  • Open (academic) reviews/reviewers
  • Machine-generated relations to other research objects

+1 Collective Knowledge


dokieli is a decentralized authoring, annotation, and social interaction tool. Friends with:

  • W3C Linked Data Platform and Solid.
  • W3C Web Annotation + Social Web - data models

Use your WebID + Personal Online Datastore + ACL!

CEUR Workshop Proceedings

Largest open access publisher in computer science supports dokieli.

Use ceur-make to automagically create proceedings in HTML+RDFa

Now we can:

WWW2016 LDOW workshop

Stay tuned: official WWW Linked Data on the Web workshop CFP

Hint: HTML and friends / Linked Research / dokieli are welcome!

Join SWIB15 Breakout Session

Join the Linked Research breakout session today at 16:30.

Make it so!

Sarven's avatar Sarven Capadisli @csarven