1. Linked Data

    The New Black

    ConFoo, Montréal, 2011-03-10

    #linkeddata #confoo

    Sarven's avatar Sarven Capadisli http://csarven.ca/#i @csarven

  2. Overview

  3. Data

  4. Data

  5. Data: What is it good for?

    Absolutely everything!

  6. Linked Data

  7. Technology Context

    Figure of Semantic Web Technologies
  8. Technology Flow

    Figure of the flow of technologies
  9. RDF logo RDF

    Resource Description Framework

  10. RDF Model

  11. Human languages

    How do we express ourselves?

  12. Vocabularies

  13. RDF Triples

    Graph of subject predicate object

        <Subject> <Predicate> <Object> .
  14. N-Triples (also valid Turtle) example

  15. RDFa example

  16. RDF/XML example

  17. SPARQL

    SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language

  18. SPARQL

    Query language for RDF

  19. Google SERPs

    Example Google search results
  20. SPARQL query results

    Example SPARQL query results
  21. Sig.ma search results

    Sig.ma query results
  22. SPARQL

    Query language for RDF

  23. SPARQL query example

  24. SPARQL query result example

  25. SPARQL

    Query language for RDF

  26. SPARQL query: federated

  27. Linked Data Design Principles

    1. URIs as names for things
    2. HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names
    3. When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using RDF*, SPARQL
    4. Include links to other URIs for discovery
  28. Identifying things

  29. Identifying things

    Now! That should clear up a few things around here.
  30. Linked Open Data

  31. Linked Open Data Cloud

    Linked Open Data cloud diagram as of 2010-09
  32. Wikipedia to DBpedia

    Transforming Wikipedia data to DBpedia
  33. Grain of rice graph

    Graph of a grain of rice
  34. Where to start?

  35. Make your data discoverable

  36. Tools

  37. Conclusions

  38. Future work

  39. So there we have it

    It's all really very simple!

    Sarven's avatar Sarven Capadisli



  40. Credits