Third-Party Control Considered Harmful

Third-Party Control Considered Harmful

COASPA 2019, Copenhagen, 2019-09-26, #OASPA2019 #LinkedResearch

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Autonomy & Universal Access


self publishing entails that an actor can register identifiers for their content, shape and store data where they have access to, set access control policies, and use preferred applications to achieve them.

Web; a social machine

anyone being (technically) allowed to say anything about anything

Architecture of the Web

The core design components of the Web:

Architecture of the Web

Axiom 0a: Universality 2
Any resource of significance should be given a URI.
Axiom 2b: identity
the significance of identity for a given URI is determined by the person who owns the URI, who first determined what it points to.

Typical centralised and decentralised architectures

Degree of control for identifiers, data, and applications

What's identifiable?

What can be significant?

What is the "smallest" unit of communication?

Can it be identified? Discoverable? Findable?

How accessible?

Only available to a subset of humans? machines?

Publicly archivable?

What does it look like?

How can data/information/knowledge be shaped? (interactive?)

Interoperable? Based on open consensus? or was it actually post-facto interoperable?

Third-Party UX: Privacy

JavaScript, cookies are required..

Unauthorised tracking user activities, profiling, ad networks, data brokers..

Behavioural data combined with third-party identifiers.. privacy? what privacy?

Third-Party UX: Constraints

Control Yourself!

W3C Linked Data Notifications design principles

Data on the Web should not be locked in to particular systems or be only readable by the applications which created it. Users should be free to switch between applications and share data between them.

Interplay of Profiles, Articles, Annotations, and Notifications

Scientific Communication


Forces and Functions in Specifications

We have an ocean of standards for the Open Web Platform to choose and play with.

What are the characteristics of Web specifications for forces and functions in scientific communication?

Linked Open Research Cloud

Notifications about scholarly activities (articles, annotations, citations..)

Social Linked Data (Solid)

What should The Solid Ecosystem be like? WIP!

Panels working on the fundamentals.

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