Mysteries with five within five months

This post is due to my lack of posting [five months from last]. It seems as though, sometimes, there is a lot of material to write about and yet they never get past the 'what a great idea' stage. Due to this: lack there of publishing words online, I have started to write parts of them briefly (if not in point form) in a text file, and get back to them - at least giving me the impression that the article is still alive, and just needs to get done.

Needless to say, they usually end up sitting on my desktop, after the initial interest. Although, I do get back to them from time to time, it is still not a good justification as to why I could not manage to put a few paragraphs together for any given reason, in the last five months. Could this be correlated to laziness? Some may say yes, and yet others may find it to be a great accomplishment as to not wasting time on small matters. I do not know either but maybe the answer is in mu.

Some (is there even a quantitative way of defining this?) has happened in my life, in the past five months. In a nutshell, I have relocated to Montreal, Quebec, and now I work and play (not necessarily in that order) around here. The interest of this probably comes from the transparent quest, which we all have for.. living. It has been a great summer so far and in all naturality, I am looking forward to good ol' autumn. Nothing beats the autumn - where the earth makes you aware of its existance. Coming soon, near you!

It turns out, at the time of this writing, I have two hours left before this post turns into false. What words could I possibly pull out of my sleave to make these words any more worthy? If 68% of statistics is made up on the spot, then I must say that there is probably a 3% (modest) possibility of most of us remembering any of this. Is this a decent attempt? Having said that, I envy the power of words. Capable of literally brainwashing an individual. Ideas, directing peoples lives. Thinking machines. Imagine how much of our dreaming state effects our waking life!

And now some realism ...

... it turns out, that my current internet provider / phone company is able to install a new phone line service for a new place in one day, yet taking five business days to transfer the 'existing' broadband to the very same place. Of course, I do not know the business and technical aspects behind this, yet I cannot help myself but to ask - how come? Something certainly does not seem to add up for the untrained.

A good way to spice up your Web site within google's indexing is to write meaningful content often, and another would be to have friendly linked neighbours with relatively similar interest, and last, but possibly the fastest rising in importance - proper page markup. The rest is abbacadaba at this stage. This entry is also a demonstration of null posting, in terms of containing no agenda (concentration topic) but simply to write a few up-to-date notes. Having said that, and since I have not written in a long time, my action is quite the contrary - do as I say, not as I do.

It has also taken me five or so months to finish my last book [Iron John by Robert Bly]. Similar reasoning as above? My goal to finish reading my current book is set to one month. That is a realistic goal yes?

Five seems to creap in from a lot of places. Perhaps I am just looking for them at this point. Five: months to write an article, from fifth day of April to fifth day of September, five days for broadband connection, five months to finish a book, five fingers! Numerology? No thanks!

As I exit, I want to make the most ultimate promise of stating that I shall write more often [not famous last words I hope.] Since this was a brief introduction for me to pick up pace, it does not feel out of reach. This is merely a typing practice. Humbly worthy content coming soon!