Defining a Web front-end developer (integrator) role

Each organisation would have a different set of requirements for an integrator or a front-end developer role. In this article I will outline the technical aspects only. Here is a sample job description which I think reflects this role:

Technical qualifications

  • Able to write semantic markup using HTML 4.01 Strict Doctype
  • Knowledge of DOM Scripting
  • Knowledge of CSS and cross-browser issues


  • Implement Web user interface and interaction elements based on screen designs, wireframes, flowcharts and other documentation
  • Integrate front and backend components
  • Extract applicable screen design components from mockups
  • Create proof of concepts

Nice to haves

  • Experience with image editing software
  • Understanding knowledge of HTTP
  • Familiarity with a LAMP environment
  • Knowledge of OOP concepts
  • Experience in XML/XSL
  • Knowledge of microformats
  • Familiarity with templating engines and CMS
  • Familiarity with Wiki software
  • Familiarity with revision control
  • Good understanding of content
  • Knowledge of accessibility

Sample (easy) interview questions

  • What's the difference between HTML and XHTML?
  • What's UTF-8?
  • What's the address element for?
  • What's the difference between PNG8 and GIF format?
  • What's HTTP 301?
  • How do you calculate a selector's specificity?
  • What's JSON?
  • What's progressive enhancement?

Can you think of any useful questions that are not overly technical — on the code level — but would be able to let you assess an applicant's knowledge?



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Sarven Capadisli’s photoSarven Capadisli replied on

@Gulam M, questions are relatively easy in a sense that they are some of the key topics in front-end dev and answers to those questions can be verified.

Open ended questions, on the other hand, are harder to answer because the purpose of the question may not be easily verifiable e.g.,

  • How long would you normally spend on solving a problem?
  • Do you subscribe to Web Feeds? Which ones?

Gulam M’s photoGulam M replied on

@Sarven - I like your definitions of 'easy' and 'hard' questions! Inspired by the 'complexity theory' in Computer Science ?

@Ludo - Based on Sarven's definition, yes my question was hard! :P