Google possibly misinterpreted the language of an article as German

Updated: 2006-02-04. The following is no longer true and back to normal... somehow.

It turns out that, my hiding email addresses article has shifted over to another Google universe. It appears and ranks better on Google Deutschland than Google Canada, even though the content (and the headers sent) is natively in English.

However, on Google Canada, it offers an option to be translated to respective language. Somewhere down the line an article which resides on a .ca TLD, disguises itself in German language.

This makes no sense considering two factors; the TLD and the content/headers that I send.

On .de the article ranks better simply because there are less competing articles than the SERPs on .ca for the same keywords - straight forward.

My best guess is that, the German community picked up on the article more than the English. The backlinks are outweighed towards the German community in terms of their own [site's] content language. So, the obvious conclusion is that because it is recognised more so by the German side, the Google engine emphasises or at least concludes that a given page is in popularized language.

Dear Google German, if you are reading this.. I want my article back, or you should just fix this up. :)

Why do you think this is so?



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Ruslan replied on

I think there's no way to protect your blog articles. If you publish your intellectual property you should be ready that somebody with better search engine positioning will take it, and if that's something topical - a lot of people will republish it.