What is this magical mobile device you speak of?

From time to time, some people are rather surprised to hear me tell them that I don't own and use a mobile device like a cellular/smart phone.

I do acknowledge the advantages of having one. And, there are times I'm compelled to get myself one of these devices. But something holds me back, or at least I postpone the idea by telling myself that, I have managed fine up to now. Maybe I'll get one in the future. I usually leave it at that.

Here are my main reasons:

I like to travel light
Minimizing weight and not constantly carrying this item, lets me stay flexible and agile. It also helps a great deal when I have to run away from dogs that shoot bees from their mouth when they bark, and cops as I hop over fences.
I don't want to be tracked by anyone
This is my version of the offline mode in the real-world. Not to mention that the secret men in black can't easily find me.
I want to feel detached and focus on the now
When I'm out there, I have the opportunity to fully focus my senses on what's in front of me. It makes me feel like a plain and simple human being.

These combined, manifests a minor personal philosophy for me. Perhaps one day I will join the rest of humanity and its sorcery, when the other reasons outweigh mine.

Alright. Well, see ya later!



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Evan Prodromou’s photoEvan Prodromou replied on

Have you tried using a mobile device that's not connected to the cellular network? Either one that's WiFi-enabled, like the iPod Touch, or one that's entirely disconnected, like the older Kindles?

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Sarven Capadisli’s photoSarven Capadisli replied on

Evan, I've briefly used Brigitte's iPod Touch. And, yea, even that's super useful out in the wild. What can I say, I still love paper maps and compasses.

I guess if I can get passed the 'carrying this thing around' part, I might give in on being tracked sometimes, and adapt myself not to look at the device every 5 minutes.

Maybe I should grow up and join the civilization.

Alex’s photoAlex replied on

I like to travel light - Doesn't get any lighter than an iPhone that does everything (net, book reader, ipod, navigation, camera, apps, etc). Even the chargers are pretty small now.

I don't want to be tracked by anyone - There's always airplane mode, and you can also turn off notifications and other communication for each app. And, after all, it's unix. Just jailbreak it and then go nuts with all the low level tweaking you want.

I want to feel detached and focus on the now - On the top right, there's a magic button that turns the thing off :)