An abstract dandelion design is from an actual photograph

This dandelion design was created by Brigitte Schuster. Brigitte specializes in design and art here in Montreal - she is currently available for various graphic design projects. Her idea for the dandelion design derived from the photo she took (shown below). Comments are always welcome.

image of dandelion on a concrete background in b/w

In about two month (free time) frame, we finished this design and her site from scratch. I had to rebuild and tweak a lot of stuff to get it going, since it's a derivation of my code - which was necessary to fixup some of the annoyances in my code. I still have to apply those improvements to my site, so things may happen to look unusal from time to time. Might even ditch Livesearch on mine.. and what about Google Adsense? I usually try to apply my latest work to my own site, but it always turns out to be the latest work I am in - in this case not mine. Things seem to evolve naturally as it seems, and there can't be done much about it.

I came to a conclusion that some of my Web involvement is purely a hobby. Although its fun, sometimes it sucks you in. Outdoor's reality is always more fun.

It might be interesting to read up on comparison of playing piano and typing on computer keyboards.