Upgrades: in the sense of Matrix

Hmm. Upgrades. I present you the new questionable layout, which I will get into detail shortly. Push: I have been mostly busy tweaking the backend of the site, along with other websites which I do maintenance from time to time. It requires a motivated force to get around these things to write an entry for the site - besides the occasional distractions.

I have gathered a few technologies for the time being. Namely the Live Search addition to the articles on the main page. On the plus side it is a quick way to narrow down an article which I have written, however, on the other hand I have not written many articles to search amongst! I am glad that I have designed a new layout for the site, which should (this entry is the only proof) get me to write entries regularly. The rest of it deals with PHP/MySQL boring backend stuff with the CSS/XHTML on the frontend.

Pop: I find the new layout somewhat questionable due to what it does or could represent. Besides the general feel of the site, layout etc., the graphics make me ponder the most. I have picked an empty bench with leaves and the soon to be famous csarven signature. Why an empty bench? Should I have placed a picture of a man's feet with a box of chocolates on his lap? Or how about a garbage can beside the bench, while a bunch of birds digging through for some afternoon snack? Or a header on the bench stating 'you've just proved bench advertisement works!' ((tm) domer). In anycase, I have no idea why its all there, but somehow they all got blended in (I hope). Now I think about it, the page looks a bit more live then the previous designs. It has a positive mood! To let you on a secret - I place subliminal messages on the site, so be careful with what you observe! Am I serious?

In other news, career placement search still continues as I work on my freelance. Freelance is not too bad, but fails when it comes to consistency and this creates a conflict with me since as a person I like to and have desire for consistency in things. There is always a room to play with the probabilities in life, therefore I want to create and hold on to consistencies as much as possible. Secondary-insider: poker should be more like chess!



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Lynn replied on

Wonderful site - thanks for sharing it with me today at your interview at WPS. Wow I would love to someday have a BLOG that looks like this one! Hmmm perhaps I need to go and learn how to do this or hire you to do it for me. How hard is it to edit if you are a layman like myself?